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Erectile Dysfunction



We are Urologists who are experts in the treatment of your ED and sexual problems. We treat the Core of the problem and not with a band aide! We focus on lifestyle modifications, Regenerative therapies like COREWAVE therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), correction of Peyronie’s disease (abnormal penile curvature), weight loss and fitness. We can also combine these approaches with more traditional therapies like pills and injections.

ED Treatment at Alabama Sexual Medicine

Our Sexual Medicine Specialists believe in treating your erectile dysfunction aggressively but more importantly we attempt to get back your natural erections with our regenerative InvigorWell ED programs by using Platelet Rich Plasma and targeted low intensity shock wave technology utilized through COREWAVE Therapy.
ED is not uncommon and affects over 50% of men between the ages of 40-70. This disease is progressive. Many men are given the “blue pill” by their physicians but this approach is often inadequate and does not address the CORE cause of ED.

During your evaluation, our physicians will perform a thorough health history and targeted exam. ED can sometimes be an “early warning” of underlying health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. They will also perform vascular testing to evaluate the blood flow that is entering and leaving your penis. This allows them to confirm that your problem is vascular in origin.

Drs. Alan McCool and Brian Stone are nationally recognized as experts in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are board certified by the American Board of Urology. Dr. Stone is fellowship trained in erectile dysfunction having conducted research and written articles in peer reviewed journals. Drs. McCool and Stone have performed thousands for penile pump surgeries. They have been involved in research with the companies that have developed the pills and prosthetic devices used in the treatment of ED.

They have extensive knowledge in all treatments of ED that range from regenerative therapies like PRP and COREWAVE, which can “naturally” increase the blood flow to your penis leading to stronger erections. They may also combine different more traditional therapies to obtain more effective results.

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